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Why are some words underlined?
These are hyperlinks. Click on the underlined word to learn more about that topic.

Can I advertize on this website?
Yes, advertising is accepted for this website at the discretion of the XX. Generally, products or services must be running or track and field related. See the Advertising page for more information.

The website is fine, but I want to advertise in the Club Newsletter. Who do I contact?
See the Newsletter Information page.

I have spotted a factual, grammatical or technical error on this site. Does anybody want to know about it?
Absolutely! This site is maintained by volunteers, and your help would be appreciated. Let the XX know, and describe the problem with as much detail as possible.

I can't read the various "PDF" formatted files found on the website. What is wrong?
To read these files, Adobe Acrobat must be properly installed on your computer. It can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site . Even if you do not load PDF on your computer, many of the PDF files found on this site are stored in alternative formats, such as text or HTML.

Is there a club membership email directory?
No. This was removed to prevent those listed from being targets of SPAM.


Where can I find out about how to enter an out of town upcoming events?
Check for information on the final page of the Calendar of Events, organized by date, and click on the logo to visit their website. Also, search for a website listed under the Links collection, found under National/International Events.

How can I find out more about a listed race?
Click on the logo to visit the race's website, or call or email the contacts listed on the right side of the calendar page. Races that don't have a known website for them have this logo shown, while track meets display this logo: . Additional information from races directors can be obtained by pressing the button found on the left of the listing.

Where is the next calendar month's page?
The calendar can be reached by clicking on the Calendar of Events menu button found on the Front Page and then by clicking on the button at the top of the page that opens up.

Where is this month's calendar on the front page?
The calendar was removed from the front page to simplify maintenance and to reduce the viewing width of the front page.

Can my event be listed on the calendar, even though it is not a Chargers supported event?
Sure! The guideline for acceptance is any event that is of potential interest to the Club's members, and suitable for our many young members. Please keep in mind that we have a wide range of interests, such as road racing, trail running, track and field, etc. Fill out this form or email the information to the XX. A reply will be sent by email letting you know that the request was received. This process is not automatic and may take several days! The sooner you make your request, the better. If your event is listed, it is appreciated that you check it for accuracy; notify us of any updates; and provide a link (preferred) or an electronic copy of your results.

What do the and other logos mean on the calendar pages?
This means that the race organizers have measured the course in a manner specified by a governing body. In the USA, this is usually the USA Track and Field, while the Althletics Canada organization certifies Canadian courses. Absence of a logo means that the certification information could not be verified.

How early may an event be listed on the calendar pages?
An event is listed as soon as the date is definate, and usually no more than ten months in advance.

What do the buttons do on many of the calendar listings?
Clicking on one these buttons will open a pop-up window that provides more information about the race in text form. Internet Explorer users can print the information in the window by right clicking on the window and selecting "Print".


Some photos of kids are shown, but their names are missing even though others have captions on them. How come?
Names of youths are not listed due to safety/security reasons.

Can I save any of the pictures on this site?
Yes, personal use of any of the athletic pictures is fine. Netscape users can right click on the photo of interest and select "Save Image As...", and then complete the instructions. The original, uncropped pictures may be obtained by contacting the XX.

Where might I find pictures from a recent or past Chargers event?
The best place to find these is on the event's website. Follow the link provided on the Results page, Calendar pages, or the Chargers Events listing page.


How long are results retained?
A listing is retained for about three months from the date of the race.

Distance/Pace/BMI Calculators:

How do I operate these calculators?
Type in the requested information into the blank fields, and press the units that these numbers represent (meters, yards, etc). Press 'Convert' (or 'Calculate BMI') and the answer appears at the bottom of the section. The sections can be used separately.

What is the BMI?
The BMI, or body mass index, is a prediction of health based upon your weight compared to height. The index is only valid for adults over 20. It is not the sole determinant of health. There are also other factors, such as body build that are not taken into account. Have a discussion with your doctor for any concerns, or before taking any action based on the results of this calculator.

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