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Last Chance Trail Run
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Skyline Lodge, Highland Forest, Fabius NY

Saturday, December 20, 2014, 8:00-9:15 AM

Come run in the forest before the snow gets too deep! We often have some snow, but ideally it is a runnable depth. Snow beautifies the trees and drifts into your jacket openings. You will skid, slide, wade, struggle and climb. You have to cross uncrossable streams. You may freeze. The trail is rough and even dangerous unless you run and walk sensibly. But no matter, pancakes, all you can eat, are waiting. Cover them with true New York State maple syrup and butter, and combine with orange juice and coffee. The complete trail is 8 miles long, but there are shortcuts allowing runs of various lengths. The full trail takes 80-120 minutes to complete. The trail is well marked so you should not get lost.

Clean Sneaker Alternative: Come to the Skyline Lodge for a healthy and (dare we say) "dirt" cheap breakfast, and leave your daily mileage for another place and time. It's still a great opportunity to enjoy the company of your running friends and family, and wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

Children: Forest walks will be provided for the children while the parents run. Bundle them up warmly.

Time: Start any time between 8:00 and 9:15. You can start when you please and quit when you are tired and hungry. Run with a partner so that someone will hear you when you admire something interesting. It is safer and partners are plentiful. The first pancake is served at 9:00 and the last at 10:30. The event has never been canceled. If the road to Fabius is open we will run. If the snow is deep we run on the Park roads.

Grand Slam Series Award Winners: This is the event in which those who have successfully completed 4 or more races in the Chargers Grand Slam Series will receive their tech shirt award. These folks are invited to participate in the run (or just join us for breakfast) as our guests!

Directions: Highland Forest is in the SE corner of Onondaga County on Route 80. It is 4 miles East of Fabius. After entering the Park, take the first left and park in Skyline Lodge parking lot.

Application: [Adobe PDF]

This event is sponsored by the Syracuse Chargers Track Club in cooperation with Onondaga County Parks, Highland Forest. Proceeds are shared by the Chargers and the Highland Forest Ski Patrol.

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