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To assist the Syracuse Chargers Track Club (SCTC) in its mission to serve the community by providing quality races and meets, athletic and recreational programs, and information relating to all aspects of participation in long distance running, track and field, and walking, it is necessary to collect certain personal information. This policy addresses the two main sources of such information: the membership application and the web site.

The SCTC requests personal information about individuals on our membership application forms. When members provide such information, the SCTC may use the information it gathers for its own internal purposes. The Chargers will use this information provided to mail the monthly newsletter and collect member statistics, such as areas of interest. This information is not shared with any third party.

Visitors to the Chargers web site can use this resource without revealing personally identifiable information. The web site is freely available to all, regardless of club membership status. Information about site visitors may be aggregated and used to measure statistics regarding the use of our site, such as the number of visitors, average time spent on the site, pages viewed and similar information. A third party may, as a service to the SCTC, collect these statistics provided that none of this information is shared with any party other than the SCTC.

Member's e-mail addresses may be posted on the SCTC web site for various purposes. These are posted only with the consent of the member. The Chargers are not responsible for third party use of e-mail addresses posted on the membership site. If your e-mail address has been posted on the site without permission, the webmaster will honor removal requests.

The Chargers may create e-mail lists of SCTC members and/or participants in SCTC programs or events with the purpose of quickly disseminating information. Members sign up for such lists by e-mail, or by providing an email address when registering for an SCTC program or event. The body of the email shall contain a method of being removed from the list, and all removal requests shall be honored. In any case, an individual's address shall not be revealed to other members of the emailing list with in the body of the e-mail, nor shall the email list be shared with other groups.

By using the SCTC web site, users signify agreement with the terms of our privacy statement. This policy applies only to the web site located on the Chargers' domain, and it does not apply to any linked site. See the corresponding policy for the linked site for further details. If you have any questions about the privacy policy, please contact the site webmaster listed at

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