Syracuse Chargers Track Club Hall of Fame – 2010

Roger Hahn
Outstanding Volunteer Contribution
Mickey Piscitelli
Nate & Evelyn White Lifetime Service
Corrine Haynes
Volunteer Service
Greg Spears
Volunteer Service
Rick Streeter
Volunteer Service
Greg Tuttle
Volunteer Service
Jillian Fanning Christie Rutledge Katie Sischo
Jerry Schulz Award Outstanding HS XC Female
Chris Buchanan Shaun Thompson
Outstanding HS XC Male
Amanda LoPiccolo
Female Track Athlete
Aaron Robertson
Male LDR Athlete
Scott Weeks
Male Track Athlete
Jesse Doty
Male Field Athlete
Joanne Singer
Masters LDR Female
Barb LoPiccolo
Masters Field Female
Pat Peterson
Masters Track Female
Bob Nugent
Charlie Hackenheimer Award for Excellence in Men’s Masters Distance Running
Ed Cox
Masters Track Male
Joe Benoit
Masters Field Male
Jim Clancy
Arnie Briggs Good Guy Award
Corporate Friend of Running