Syracuse Chargers Track Club Hall of Fame – 1999

Seymour Ribyat
Outstanding Contribution
Nate & Evelyn White
Nate & Evelyn White Lifetime Service
Gary Diamond
Volunteer Service
Richard LaDue
Volunteer Service
Kelly Purcell Scalzo
Volunteer Service
Daniel Scott Howe
Volunteer Service
Gabe Yankowitz
Volunteer Service
Mike Melfi
Male LDR Athlete
Lubert Lewis
Male T&F Athlete
Kristin Schiesswohl
Female LDR Athlete
Tonya Dodge
Female T&F Athlete
Paul Halbert
Masters LDR Male
Ed Lukens
Masters T&F Male
Patti Ford
Masters LDR Female
Patricia Peterson
Masters T&F Female
Irene Thompson
Masters T&F Female
Chase Manhattan Bank
Corporate Friend of Running
Patti Ford’s picture courtesy of Randy J. Osaga Photography, W. Warwisk, RI