College Scholarship Program

College Scholarship Program

The ideal recipient should possess a blend of academic achievement, volunteer activity, and a commitment to personal fitness.

Each year, a number (generally two, depending upon funds available) of scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship program is a way to support the post-secondary education of our most outstanding young members. The Chargers, which is an all-volunteer organization, has a decades-long commitment to community fitness and the many benefits of participation in athletics. This program is an additional way to support future generations of Central New Yorkers who value education, voluntary community service, and lifelong fitness.

Student-athletes with a history of community service are encouraged to apply.

The following is required to complete the application process:

  1. This application form must be completed legibly.
  2. Either a copy of your high school transcript or a teacher’s or guidance counselor’s letter of recommendation that focuses on your academic achievement and merits.
  3. A letter of recommendation written by an adult who has supervised, coordinated or is otherwise familiar with your participation in volunteer activities, particularly those that promote health and fitness.
  4. A typed essay of 300 to 400 words describing how your participation in athletics and the volunteer activities that support athletics demonstrate your commitment to lifetime fitness.

Mail the above materials by June 1st of the scholarship year to:

John View
SCTC Scholarship Committee Chairman
6129 Bay Hill Circle
Jamesville, NY 13078.