Club Info

Club Info

The Syracuse Chargers Track Club (SCTC) is dedicated to the development of all aspects of athletics in Central New York. This includes support for youth development programs and the encouragement of individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in local, regional, national and international track & field, long distance running, and walking events.

The club is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501©(3) organization; a member of USA Track & Field and the Road Runners Club of America.

Membership in the SCTC is open to all who share the goals of the organization.

To become an individual member and Charger representative of USATF, go to

The Charger Club member # is 04-0092.

Board of Directors

  • President: John McEachen
  • Vice President: Mark Driscoll
  • Treasurer: Jim Cox
  • Secretary: Jackie Wiegand

At Large

  • At Large: Mike Bauer
  • At Large: Norm Deep
  • At Large: Chary Griffin
  • At Large: Mark Hill
  • At Large: Pat Leone
  • At Large: Mickey Piscitelli
  • At Large: Kurt Stanton
  • At Large: Nancy Smith
  • At Large: Greg Tuttle


Program Coordinators

  • Membership Coordinator: Bob Hiemenz
  • Chargers Records: Terry McConnell
  • Scholastic Coach: Norm Deep
  • Scholarships: John View
  • Everyone Can Run Program: Greg Tuttle
  • Indoor Meets/Practices: Mark Driscoll
  • The Charger Challenge: Ed Polly
  • Youth Program: Mark Driscoll
  • Inclusive Athletics Program: Peter Rhodes
  • Masters (Men): Greg Tuttle
  • Masters (Women): Mickey Piscitelli
  • Awards Dinner: