Syracuse Chargers Track Club Hall of Fame – 2017

Volunteer Awards

  • Volunteer Service Award: Sean and Karen Kelly
  • Outstanding Service Award: Terry McConnell
  • President’s Award: Marla Jabbour
  • Arnie Briggs Good Guy Award: Richard Parker

Jerry Schultz Award

  • Section III girls cross country: Claire Walters
  • Section III girls cross country:  Brooke Rauber
  • Section III boys cross country:  Ben Otis

Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT)

  • Masters Women’s Running Award: Luana Pesco Kopolowitz

Corporate Friend of Running

Long Distance Running

  • Charlie Hackenheimer Award: Sam Graceffo
  • Women’s Running Award: Mary DeSilva
  • Men’s Running Award: Michael Dee

Track and Field

  • Women’s Track and Field Award: Jenna Deep
  • Men’s Track and Field Award: John McEachen