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141The Therapy Corner – Signing Off
140His Time Was Not Up
139Over 60? Running May Not Be Enough!
138Predicting Injuries
137Strength Training – Alternatives for the Pandemic
136Weight for It……
135Update on Jumper’s (Downhill Runner’s) Knee
134Perspective – Revisited
133Too Much Medicine
132A Cautionary Tale
131Runner’s Knee – The Latest
130Regional Interdependence
129A Sure Thing
128Update on Running Mechanics
127What now?
126Get a Grip 
125Soft Landings
124Training Errors Revisited
123Sounds Good…
122Hips – again!
121Water, Water Everywhere…
120Shoes and Blues
119Ankle Sprains – Long-term Problems and Rehab
118Plain and Simple
117Inflammatory Statements
116Compression Stockings – Part II
115On Facts and Fads
114Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast – revisited
113Eccentric exercise and tendinosis
112Running and Knee Arthritis – Once Again…
111The More Things Change
109Risks And Benefits
108Striking a Balance
107Striding Right – 20 years down the road
106Core Issues – Reconsidered
104Get A Grip
103Keeping The Tracks Under The Train
102Don’t Throw Away Your D’s
101Barefoot Running
100100 And Counting
099Plantar Fasciitis
098Preventing the Ultimate Injury
097The Tale of the Tape
096Sports Specificity
095The Swiss Army Exercise
094Watch Your Step!
092Tips for Hips
091Get on the Ball!
090Driving (with) a Wedge
089One Shining Exercise
088Posturial Considerations
087Fire and Ice–Revised and Revisited
086Odds and Ends
085Too Little or Too Much?
084Back to the Future
083Good Blood
082Old News
081Much Ado About Shoes–Redux
080To The Core
079Don’t Push Your Kids
078One Size Does Not Fit All
077Natural Born Runners
076Ramping Up
075A Puzzlement
074Feet On The Ground
073Un-Natural Wear and Tear
072Evidently So
071Cool Out!
070Pes Anserine (Goosefoot) Bursitis
068End of the Line
067More Conventional Wisdoms Bite the Dust (Part II)
066More Conventional Wisdoms Bite the Dust (Part I)
065Take a Break
064Self-inflicted Wounds
063Above All– Relax!
062Stimulating Thoughts
061Cross Training
060Grains of Salt
059Plantar Fasciitis and Shoes – Revisited
058Windswept Hips
057Of Yogurt, Yoga, and Yoda
056Say A Prayer
055Waddling on
054Iatrogenic Injuries
053Hamstrings Revisited
052Faux Fasciitis
051Ins and Outs
050The E-ffect of De-fects
049Weighty Matters
048The True Achilles Heel (Retrocalcaneal Bursitis)
047The Bursitis Virus
046Double Workouts
045Compartment Syndrome
044Shin Splints
043Speed – Good or Bad?
042Hips, Model-Ts, and Ferraris
041If the shoe doesn’t fit…you really should quit!
040Clues from Shoes
039Run – Don’t Walk
038Striding Right (updated)
037Time’s Up!
035Conventional Wisdom
034Boys On The Beach
033That Four-Letter Word
032Sports Massage
031Piriformis Syndrome
030The Hard-Boiled Runner (posture and stress)
029Stress Fractures
028Trigger Points
027To Pain or Not to Pain
026Low Advice (High heeled shoes)
025Risky Business (High School X-C)
024Achilles Tendinitis
023A Personal View (Kids and Running)
022From the Waist Up
021When the Tail Wags the Dog — Part II
020When the Tail Wags the Dog — Part I
019An Uncommonly Simple Problem (superficial peroneal n. compression)
018Arthritis, Back Pain and the Runner
017Jumper’s (Downhill Runner’s) Knee
016Runner’s Knee — Part II
015Runner’s Knee — Part I
014Cross-Friction Massage
013Plantar Fasciitis
011Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome — Part II
010Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome — Part I
009Fire and Ice — Part II
008Fire and Ice — Part I
007Striding Right
006Much Ado About Shoes
005The Myth of Leg Length Discrepancies
004Orthotics — Are They the Answer? Part II
003Orthotics — Are They The Answer? Part I.
002Training-Error Injuries